Sedation Dentistry


In our ongoing commitment to providing the highest level of care, Dr. Peter LaBudde and his staff are excited to bring you IV sedation technology! Now more than ever before, feel completely relaxed while you receive safe and exceptional dentistry in less time

Dr LaBudde is one of the few general dentists in the state with an IV certification and the benefits are tremendous.  If you have been waiting to see the dentist because of fear, fear no more.  IV sedation puts you into a state that you will most likely remember nothing.  Long and difficult procedures can be done in a singe appointment, saving you time and is completely comfortable.

IV sedation has a faster onset, is safer during the procedure, and has a quicker release that oral sedation.  IV sedation dentistry is for people that have fear or anxiety about seeing the dentist.

Dr LaBudde also uses PRF and PRP techniques, in which he extracts white blood cells and puts them directly into the healing site making recovery faster.

Please stop in and ask to speak with Dr Labudde about these new techniques that are revolutionizing dentistry and your smile!

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